Reasons to Use 4SureLoans For All Your Payday Loans Needs

New customers are surprised to find that 4SureLoans offers other services besides Toronto payday loans. Last minute financial needs can require the completion of transactions that require off-hours attention. Outside banking hours, 4Sure Loans is available to provide the following services:

• Cheque cashing – Any cheque that is made out to the bearer can be cashed for an affordable fee. Businesses that wish to convert a cheque into cash will not have to wait for the cheque to clear the bank to receive the funds. This convenient service is helpful on bank holidays and long weekends when cash is needed.

• Western Union – Money orders are available in Canadian funds. This convenient service allows anyone to convert cash into a form that can be mailed to someone. Western Union is the most reliable way to send money to someone anywhere in the world. For those who need to receive funds, there are convenient locations that are open late for customer convenience.

• Currency exchange – Arrivals and departures do not occur during banking hours. For those who need Canadian currency or any other type, 4SureLoans exchanges currencies at affordable rates. The traveler should be cognizant of the fluidity of currency exchange rates prior to visiting the nearest 4SureLoans location.

• Bill payments – Through the Western Union Quick Collect service, the customer can pay a bill quickly to avoid late fees. Most bill payments will arrive at the destination in two to three business days. Cheques and stamps are not needed for this easy and affordable bill paying service.

Payday loans in Toronto may be the primary service offered by 4SureLoans, but these others provide additional customer convenience. Questions are always welcome. All services are designed to help customers address last minute financial needs and avoid long-term financial hardship.

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