Paid Off Not Rolled Over | Toronto Payday Loans

Payday loans in Toronto are available for the immediate financial surprises that would cause more expense if ignored. The repayment date for the loan is the next payday, and the funds are automatically withdrawn from the checking account. Borrowers are not allowed to renew, or roll over, the loan into a new loan. Other companies allow this privilege, but 4SureLoans wishes to avoid causing financial hardship for customers. Recurring financial shortages should be addressed through other means, which might include a bank loan or additional income. Successive payday loans are an expensive approach to a problem that requires long-term solutions.

Customers often ask for the convenience of rolling the Toronto payday loans over when the due date arrives. Customer service representatives spend time with each person to explain the company policy that clearly states the reasons loans are not rolled over. 4SureLoans cannot participate in hindering the financial situation for any individual. This policy might seem unfair, but experience has shown that an individual who needs multiple payday loans in Toronto needs to seek financial advice from a professional. A household budget will address systemic financial shortfalls.

Bank loans and credit cards are longer term solutions that can address needs for a certain period of time. The best solution is to reduce the household expenditures and find an additional income stream. Most customers realize that use of a payday loan is an expensive method of acquiring money very quickly. Repetitive use of this type of loan will cause a snowball effect that makes a financial situation worse. At the time the loan is approved, the customer should be making plans to correct the financial shortfall for the next pay period. This approach will prevent future problems in the household budget.

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